Evolutionary Genetics of Humans and Other Primates: A Journal Club


The eghop journal club no longer meets. This website will stay up for awhile, in case we decide to start things up again in the summer.

Each week, we discuss a recent publication or preprint on the evolutionary genetics of humans or other primates. Everyone is welcome, from anywhere in the world. You need not be affiliated with our University, and there is no fee. Undergraduates are welcome. The only prerequisite is an interest in the subject. The journal club is administered by Alan Rogers and Tim Webster, of the University of Utah.

Participants are expected to treat each other with respect. Anyone who fails to do so will be blocked.

If you'd like to participate, send email to Alan Rogers (rogers@anthro.utah.edu). Unless I know you already, tell me about yourself. I'll send you the Zoom meeting id and password.

Suggested readings

Click here for the list of readings that have been suggested for future meetings of the journal club. Use this link to suggest an article or preprint yourself. We prefer articles that present new findings--either empirical or theoretical. Review papers and methodological papers are less likely to provoke interesting discussions. We'll conduct surveys from time to time to vote on the suggested readings.


Click here for a history of past journal club meetings.